Nellie & Copper welcome their 3rd litter (June 2024)!

Meet this batch of “cheeseballs” named after June Dairy Month: Jack, Colby, Monte, Asiago, Feta, Brie, Parm and Swiss. What a “Gouda” looking litter.

Reservations are officially open for these F1b Miniature Goldendoodles. Please let us know if you’d like to make a deposit ($500) and get on the list. Go home time is late August. 3 boys and 5 girls. Variety of color coats available. Coat will vary between wavy and curly. Typical adult size is around 20-25 lbs.

Sweet dreams are made of “cheese” 🙂 Litter 10 days old.

Nellie & Copper welcome their 2nd litter (Aug 2022)!

Meet the new “color crew” class of Aug 2022! Litter or six boys and three girls. Go home is mid-October. Reservations no longer available from this litter! Wait list is open for the next litter in hopes they will arrive late spring or summer. These are F1b mini goldendoodles. Home raised. Parents health tested.

6 weeks old… getting close to “home”coming and learning all the right moves:

6 Weeks old:

From Left: Forest, Pearl, Golden Rod, Pumpkin, Denim, Lilac, Onyx, Cotton Candy and Sky Blue

5 Weeks old:

4 weeks old:

3 weeks old:

2 weeks old:

They are all doing great. Six boys and Three girls. Reservations are open! Go-home time mid October.

The Color Crew! The new class has arrived!!!

Aug. 2022

This litter of nine makes up the new class from Nellie & Copper. Mom and “class” are doing great!!

Nellie & Copper welcome their 1st crop (litter) (Oct 2021)

Oct 5 a litter of 9 was born to Nellie & Copper. All seem to be doing well. Meet this apple crop: Jazz, Brae, Goldie, Honey, Smith, Mac, Fuji, Gala and Red. Currently 7 of the 9 are reserved. Jazz and Fuji (males) yet available. Adult size range prediction is 15-30 lbs. with average around 20-22 lbs. Ready for new homes just after Thanksgiving.

1 week old
2 weeks old (girls on left and boys on right)

3 week old:

EIGHT weeks old and with their new FURever families!

MOLLY & COPPER litter born March 5, 2021

Molly & Copper’s last litter.  Meet Jade, Murphy and Finn…born March 5.  Two girls and 1 boy.  All are reserved. 

Week 8.  Hardest week yet most exciting for some people…

IMG_8681 IMG_8659 IMG_8666

Go home day is always a tough one.

IMG_8562 IMG_8595

7 weeks old

IMG_8400 IMG_8413 IMG_8404 IMG_8429

4 weeks old!


Happy Easter!


Two weeks old:

IMG_7181 IMG_7137 IMG_7155 IMG_7084

One week old:


Meet Max.

Max has been reserved.  Max is from Copper & Penny.  We are hoping for another litter late spring (Molly) and again this fall from Nellie.

Here is Max on Valentines (8 weeks) and with his new family.  His name is now Cash.

IMG_1175 IMG_1193

Skating into six weeks and six pounds.


IMG_1107 (5 wks old)

IMG_1026 (4 wks old)

Molly & Copper’s litter from Aug, 2020


Bert (M):

IMG_4897  IMG_6052 IMG_7341 IMG_8018 IMG_0085 IMG_1962

Birdie (F):

IMG_4906  IMG_6057 IMG_7354 IMG_8022 IMG_0088  IMG_1950

Ernie (M):

IMG_4912  IMG_6064 IMG_7364 IMG_8028 IMG_0090 IMG_1958

Cookie (F):

IMG_4928  IMG_6070 IMG_7377 IMG_8034 IMG_0092 IMG_1968

Oscar (M):

IMG_4932  IMG_6074 IMG_7390 IMG_8041 IMG_0098 IMG_1975

Pics below are from most recent litter of Penny & Copper’s from summer, 2020:




Angel or Angel Soft- girl (yellow): Reserved by Furrer’s.  Now Willow

IMG_6434 IMG_6542 IMG_6536 IMG_6655 IMG_6813 IMG_8062

North or Northern – boy (blue): Reserved by Herrmann’s.  Now Cooper

IMG_6466  IMG_6543 IMG_6552 IMG_6667 IMG_6820 IMG_7928 Cooper (North) from May 2020 (Penny)

Scott – boy (green): Reserved by Morsching’s.  Now Bentley

IMG_6478 IMG_6555 IMG_6556 IMG_6680 IMG_6844 IMG_7950

Whitey  or White Cloud- boy (orange) reserved by Knobloch.  Now Oliver:

IMG_6485 IMG_6565 IMG_6569 IMG_6688 IMG_6849

‘Nell or Cottonelle- girl (purple): Reserved by Boeser’s.  Now Mayzie

IMG_6425 IMG_6576 IMG_6580 IMG_6695 IMG_6859 IMG_8049

Char or Charmin – girl (pink) reserved by Kato’s.  Now KoKo:

IMG_6423 IMG_6593 IMG_6605 IMG_6708 IMG_6866 IMG_0673

We are so excited to welcome Penny & Copper’s litter born May 19.  3 girls and 3 boys.


Molly & Copper’s litter from this past winter:


6 and 7 weeks old!!  And Happy Valentine’s week!!


IMG_6993 Comet posing with salt – to show size reference.  😉

As these little sweeties get older, it is more and more difficult to photograph group pics.


Rudy is 2 lbs!  As much as a box of Velveeta!


Girls in order, Noel, Holly & Eve

Boys in order: Frosty, Rudy, Comet and Buddy

IMG_6588 IMG_6616

Frosty (M) RESERVED (now Max)

Frosty (M) IMG_5896 IMG_6842 IMG_7339IMG_7723 IMG_7998 IMG_8680

Rudy (M)  RESERVED (now Pluto)

Rudy (M) IMG_5915 IMG_6822 IMG_7348IMG_7701 IMG_8015 IMG_8668

Comet (M) RESERVED (now Winston)

Comet (M) IMG_5928 IMG_6819 IMG_7368IMG_7744 IMG_8029 IMG_8692

Buddy (M) RESERVED (now Charlie)

Buddy (M) IMG_5983 IMG_6853 IMG_7389IMG_7752 IMG_8039 IMG_8664

Charlie - 7 mths 19 lbs

Charlie – 7 mths 19 lbs

Noel (F) RESERVED (now Ellie Mae)

Noel (F) IMG_6006 IMG_6865 IMG_7408IMG_7780 IMG_8052 IMG_9831

Miss Ellie at 7 months and 20 lbs

Ellie Mae at 7 months and 20 lbs

Holly (F) RESERVED (now Piper Noel)

Holly (F) IMG_6023 IMG_6888 IMG_7413IMG_7800 IMG_8058 IMG_8686

Eve (F) RESERVED (now Birdie)

Eve (F) IMG_6067-2 IMG_6911 IMG_7464IMG_7807 IMG_8079 IMG_8674

Birdie - 7 mths 10 lbs

Birdie – 7 mths 10 lbs

Happy New Year!!

1 week old today!  Meet (in birth order) Frosty (M), Rudy (M), Comet (M), Buddy (M), Noel (F), Holly (F), and Eve (F).


Merry Christmas from Acorn Acres!!!

They have arrived!!!!  We are so excited to announce the arrival of Molly & Copper’s first litter together.  4 boys and 3 girls born Christmas Eve Day.  Mom and pups are doing just fine.  We are currently open and accepting reservation deposits.

IMG_5253 IMG_5100

Dec 2019:

Yahoo!  Molly has a confirmed pregnancy!  We are so excited to welcome her next litter the week of Christmas, 2019.

IMG_0454Molly – Dam  IMG_5384 Copper – Sire

Aug 2017:

Exciting news!!!  Molly delivered six beautiful puppies on Aug 5.  Three boys and three girls, which are all reserved.  These pups are F1b miniature goldendoodles and adult weight will avg 15-22 lbs.  Colors vary b/w dark golden to light golden.

If interested in a future litter, see the above “reserve a puppy” link for more information.

IMG_0992 IMG_1446 IMG_1474 IMG_2071 IMG_2031 IMG_2043 IMG_2671 IMG_2970 IMG_4790

In birth order at from 3 days to 7 weeks old:

Bailey (girl) now Mali

IMG_2878IMG_3699 IMG_4722 IMG_4810

Bo (boy):

IMG_2881 IMG_3706 IMG_4733 IMG_4814

Bella (girl) now Feyra:

IMG_2891 IMG_3711 IMG_4740 IMG_4827

Tucker (boy) now Tank:

IMG_2899 IMG_3719 IMG_4744 IMG_4820

Tank (boy) now Berkeley:

IMG_2906 IMG_3740 IMG_4753 IMG_4805

Tess (girl) now Winnie:

IMG_2909 IMG_3751 IMG_4761 IMG_4824

IMG_1011 IMG_1443 IMG_1553 IMG_1599 IMG_1579 IMG_2679 IMG_2924 IMG_4710 IMG_4703

Summer 2017:

We have some exciting news!  Molly & Charles will welcome their 3rd litter together.  Molly was tested today and is indeed pregnant!  We are thrilled!  We anticipate this litter to be born early August.


August 2016:

Molly delivered her 2nd litter of healthy beautiful puppies on Aug 23.  Three males and three females.  These pups have all been reserved and adopted.

Chase (male) ADOPTED now Loki:

DSCN0548 LOKI-sit_2016-12-23 img_4370 img_3924 img_3113 img_2484

Biscuit (male) ADOPTED now Scout:

img_4317 img_3930 img_3119 img_2494

Roxy (female) ADOPTED now Nala:

FullSizeRender (4) img_4367 img_3939 img_3135 IMG-3507 15 lbs (age 3)

Boomer (male) ADOPTED now Kennie:

20915512_10213463140876077_8541725288291470164_n 19905281_10213076268244503_7676351938298717946_n img_4326 img_3945 img_3163 img_2538 FullSizeRender 31 lbs (age 3)

Winnie (female) ADOPTED now Aspen:

img_4371 img_3952 img_3175 img_2564

Piper (female) ADOPTED now Jersey:

image1 image1 img_4250 img_3966 img_3189 img_2581

Three, six and seven week old group pics!

img_2287 img_3224 img_3971

Here they are at 2 1/2 weeks old (in birth order – Chase, Biscuit, Roxy, Boomer, Winnie and Piper):


Summer 2016:  

We have exciting news!!!

Molly and Charles are expecting their 2nd litter of puppies together!  If all goes well, Molly should deliver at the end of August!  These puppies would be ready for new homes at the end of October.  We will accept reservations and deposits after the litter is born.


Spring 2016:  Molly had her first litter on Feb 10th (2-10-16).  These are F1b Miniature Goldendoodles.  She had 7 little pups with champion bloodlines.  5 girls and 2 boys were adopted out the first part of April.

These puppies are all reserved and adopted.  Please let us know if you’d be interested in a future litter.  Next litter likely Fall, 2016.

 This is Molly, the mom of this litter.

Spring 2016 litter of F1b Miniature Goldendoodles

Litter of 7 at 2 wks, 3 wks old and 5 weeks:


Miss Lilly (female): ADOPTED  Now named Piper

IMG_6537  IMG_6723  Piper 1 Piper 2 Piper 3

Stitch (male):  ADOPTED Now named Cooper

IMG_5907  IMG_6144  IMG_6374

IMG_6549  IMG_6694  IMG_0132

Cooper (male): ADOPTED Now named Sully

          IMG_6188  IMG_6386

IMG_6553  IMG_6661  sully

Shadow (female): ADOPTED Now Ruby

        IMG_5955  IMG_6195  IMG_6395

IMG_6568  IMG_6774  Ruby Ruby - 22 lbs 22 lbs (almost 4 yrs)

Lilo (female): ADOPTED

IMG_6207  IMG_6411 IMG_6575  IMG_6654  Lilo 2 Lilo Lilo - 25 lbs 25 lbs (almost 4 yrs)

Buttercup (female): ADOPTED Now named Winnie

       IMG_5998  IMG_6214  IMG_6425

IMG_6577  IMG_6656

Lucy (female): ADOPTED Now named Maui

IMG_6240  IMG_6452

IMG_6589  IMG_6699  Maui at 12 wks

IMG_6761  Time to say good-bye to all of our puppies!  It’s been real!

Litter of puppies at 5 days old:


Previous pictures of Molly, the mom, as a puppy:

IMG_4089 IMG_4059 IMG_4545